Reiki is a Japanese word that translates into Universal Energy. EVERYTHING is made of energy including our entire bodies. For centuries there have been endless research conducted to understand Quantum Physics and the many manifestations of energy surrounding us. Our bodies are made up of energy that flows throughout pathways (meridians) and gathers in specialized energy centers (Chakras). Illness occurs when the flow of energy is disrupted or blocked due to emotional or physical injuries and negative feelings and thoughts such as, worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger. Reiki therapy helps to balance these subtle energy currents by using a system of energetic touch and hand placements on the body. A session usually lasts about an hour and does not require disrobing. Energy is often experienced as warmth, tingling, pulsating, or wavelike movement. It promotes a deep sense of relaxation and revitalizes the body allowing its own natural intelligence to correct any imbalances. Reiki is the most well known form of energy healing and is now being incorporated in to many health care settings for pain and management and chronic illness.


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