Massage for adults with special needs

The benefits of massage and integrative therapies for adults with special needs goes far beyond stress reduction and relaxation. Massage provides compassionate touch, tactile stimulation, a sense of individual self worth, good health and quality of life. Often the benefits are subtle, yet profound. After a few sessions, a person with a history of being lethargic may be more alert and reactive. Someone who has been non-verbal or non-communicative, may interact more with others. A person who is afraid or confused may feel calm and comforted. Regardless of ones specific needs, skilled nurturing touch provides an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual sense of balance.


  • -Improve sleeping patterns
  • -Decrease anxiety and stress
  • -Improve mobility and range of motion
  • -Relieve pain, muscular tension and stiffness
  • -Help ease aggressive behavior
  • -Prevent or delay muscle atrophy due to inactivity
  • -Create an overall sense of peace and well-being 


Residents can receive massage in settings such as a recliner, wheelchair, or a bed either in a group atmosphere or in a private quiet room. Frequency and length of session will be discussed and determined upon individual needs





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